Oh, The Joy of Online Dating!

Just joined Plenty of Fish at the constant relentless suggestions of my brother who has been “onlining it” for 3 years. Yes 3 years. Should I take his advice? Probably not, since he is single after a long 3 year run with almost all of the dating sites. I instead did my own research, starting with a proper “headline” and found a PRICELESS blog by The Private Man. His insight into dating profiles from a man’s viewpoint is amazing-so much so I emailed a question! Not only did he respond in record time but posted my question on his blog. So glad to have found him-I truly believe my matches will be better. As they say, the proof is in the pudding-as of 3 pm this afternoon, I have received 12 unsolicited or “cold” messages! Only 3 are real prospects, but the odds are already in my favor to date someone I feel compatible with! I will write more as the process progresses.


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